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once upon a time I met ian somerhalder, paul wesley & candice accola. best 15 seconds of my entire life.




Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Mockingjay in Paris. (may 12,2014)


So, Eugene Fitzherbert, huh?”


WE ARE YOUAmber Heard supports the ‘Self Evident Truths’ project:

"iO Tillett Wright is traveling the country, photographing 10,000 people who identify as ANYWHERE on the LGBTQ spectrum (even 1% gay is enough to get you fired in 29 States). When she has 10,000 portraits, she and her team will take them to the National Mall, in front of the Washington Monument, and stage a march on Washington. This is the SELF EVIDENT TRUTHS Project."

"In response to the avalanche of bigotry and misinformation about LGBTQ people, the Self Evident team created the WE ARE YOU campaign - a simple message of love and support. Wear the shirt, put up the sticker, wear the bag, HASHTAG #WEAREYOU, and let it be known that you demand that all humans be treated equally."

* Get to know more about the project at selfevidentproject.com and spread the word!


My name is Khan

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender attend the UK premiere of ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ at the Odeon Leicester Square on May 12, 2014 in London, England.

Men still have trouble recognizing that a woman can be complex, can have ambition, good looks, sexuality, erudition and common sense. A woman can have all those facets, and yet men, in literature and in drama, seem to need to simplify women, to polarize us as either the whore or the angel. - Natalie Dormer


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